DBI is a private equity investment firm that makes controlling investments in or acquires smaller middle-market companies principally located in Southern California with enterprise values ranging between $5 million to $15 million. DBI generally commits $1 million to $5 million in capital to investments in management buyout and recapitalizations transactions. DBI has the capabilities to complete larger transactions in cooperation with affiliated private equity funds. .

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DBI's strategy is to use our operating and financial capabilities developed through years of starting, acquiring and managing companies to assist small businesses in building more effective organizations. As former entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand the challenges of small and emerging companies. We provide guidance in areas where DBI professionals have relevant experience such as strategic planning, financial structure, sales and marketing, acquisitions, and capital formation. DBI's professionals serve as a sounding board during management decision making. DBI leverages its experience to deliver innovative, pragmatic strategies that create value for portfolio companies.
DBI seeks smaller middle-market companies that have sound performance records, capable management teams, growth potential and distinct market advantages. Attractive target companies have strong underlying business models (revenue growth and cash flow) that can benefit from additional guidance to fully exploit revenue and earnings potential. DBI seeks a controlling interest in the companies it acquires, but all transactions involve meaningful equity participation by company managers. DBI is looking for high quality investments with the following criteria:
  • Geography - Western United States with a focus on Southern California.
  • Revenue - $5.0 million to $25 million
  • EBITDA - $1.0 million to $5.0 million
  • Transaction Size - $3.0 million to $15 million
  • Transaction Types - leverage buyouts and recapitalizations
  • Investment Size - $1.0 million to $5.0 million
  • Industries - While receptive to opportunities in all industries, DBI has prior investment experience in the following sectors: manufacturing, business services, media, retail, automotive, transportation and building products.
DBI has the resources to quickly respond to investment opportunities and a tremendous amount of flexibility in structuring tax efficient transactions. DBI invests mainly in management buyouts and recapitalizations. Rather than approaching investments with a one-size-fits-all philosophy, DBI works hard to understand the requirements and objectives of its partners. DBI provides the type of investments and assistance that help its partners achieve their goals.

Management Buyouts:

In a management buyout, DBI partners with existing management to acquire the business they are currently operating. DBI provides the necessary equity capital and arranges all funding with senior and mezzanine lenders to complete the transaction. Management typically owns a meaningful position in post acquisition companies by investing alongside DBI. Furthermore, DBI also implements equity incentive plans to reward management for profitably growing their business. DBI has experience investing in friendly management buyouts for several types of business entities, including privately held companies and subsidiaries and/or divisions of larger companies.


A recapitalization is an ideal alternative for a business owner who wishes to sell a portion of their company for liquidity or estate planning purposes, while retaining a considerable ownership in the company. In this scenario, an owner achieves personal liquidity, maintains operating control and continues to participate in the future upside, while having access to DBI's financial and advisory resources. DBI also implements equity incentive plans to reward management and employees for profitably growing recapitalized businesses.
In addition to providing capital, DBI helps its portfolio companies achieve and maintain a leading industry position. This is accomplished through developing, in conjunction with management, a comprehensive corporate plan to systematically address the challenges and opportunities facing the company. DBI is committed to maintaining strong working partnerships with the management of its portfolio companies and DBI works with its portfolio companies to determine where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources. Areas where DBI can provide the greatest assistance include:
  • Establishing strategic direction,
  • Identifying, evaluating and prioritizing growth opportunities,
  • Management team building,
  • Tactical assistance including sales, marketing and financial support,
  • Identifying, evaluating, structuring, financing and integrating acquisitions,
  • Arranging financings and refinancings to support growth, and
  • Preparing for and executing exit strategies.
DBI's principals have helped build middle market and early stage companies over different market, industry and economic cycles covering a diverse range of businesses.
DBI Capital's investment professionals are experienced in all phases of the acquisition process: sourcing and identifying potential acquisitions, negotiating with sellers, determining capital structure, arranging debt financing supervising the legal documentation, and closing transactions.

Brian Malewicz

Brian Malewicz is the President of DBI Capital LLC. Before founding DBI, Mr. Malewicz held various operating positions at Traffic.com, a company he co-founded in 1997. Mr. Malewicz was also a member of Kinsman Capital's original investment team and was actively involved in the execution of Kinsman Capital's investments in SpeakerCraft, Inc., Interior Specialists, Inc. and Valaran, Inc. Previously, Mr. Malewicz was an Associate with Pacific Corporate Group, Inc., where he participated in investing and monitoring over $600 million in private equity related transactions. Mr. Malewicz graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics and a concentration in Finance. He currently serves on the following DBI Capital portfolio company board of directors: Pro-Motion Distributing, GreenLink Networks, LLC and Turbo International, Inc.

Paul Thiry

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DBI welcomes direct inquiries from companies as well as through M&A intermediaries. DBI will pay appropriate fees when a referral results in a completed transaction. We respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Please contact DBI Capital

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